2015 San Francisco Children’s Creativity Workshop – Helped My Kids Through Art

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It was such a blessing for me when I discovered the 2015 San Francisco Children’s Creativity Workshop.

I used to have an issue with my children. Every day was a battle – if it’s not me with my first-born, it’s my two boys getting in a rumble. They were in a fragile age at 10 and eight years old. And I just recently left the family home that time since my prick husband brought mistress number 100 there and wanted her to stay.

We were almost penniless, and the “Don” (I called my ex-husband that as a mockery) wouldn’t send me money for the reason that (and he said) – “You left the family home. So you think you can pay for the boy’s daily sustenance? Then, have at it. You crazy witch! We will see. You will come back begging soon, I’m sure.” That’s how he treated the kids and me. So, you think I came back and begged. Oh no, and never. What I did was I packed my bags, brought the wide-screen TV, washing machine with dryer, and microwave oven, and I never looked back. I had $500 in my bank account, with two boys in tow, and started our life without him and his money.


It was difficult for the kids. They were used to luxury, and I wasn’t able to provide that for them. There were days when the tantrums were almost unbearable until I found the workshop at the Children’s Creativity Museum. I checked it out and immediately enrolled the kids for the summer. It was such a blessing that Maker Corps created the activity, and they were in SanFran at that time. At least the boys had an outlet for their frustration, and it was released in a very positive way – through art and crafts.

Life is sometimes hard, but since then, my boys have been understanding. They also learned how to ask money from their dad, without having to include me in the picture, plus I have filed for divorce and child support, so yeah. Good luck to him! The kids and I are in a better place now.

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