Why Career Counseling Is Important In Schools

What Is Career Counseling?

Career Counseling is a method of counseling that will assist you to distinguish and recognize yourself and the career world you want to pursue. It will aid you in choosing your professional path which also involves educational, and significant life choices.

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Career Development

Career development, on the other hand, is beyond choosing which course in the university you want to take up and what type of career you will be doing in the future. It is a lifetime process, which means that in your life with all the changes and while your situation will vary from one moment to another, you will still have to select career and life choices continually. The objective of Career Counseling is to not only aid you in making the decisions that you need to decide on now, but to provide you the information and the abilities required to make future career and life decisions.

Career Counseling In Schools – Changing Careers

Just recently, Career Counseling in schools finally got the recognition it deserves.  Earlier on, people sought for the services of career counselors during a time when they were unhappy with their jobs.  Today, people recognize situations like this is not ideally successful.  What is important to understand is why people consider a change in their careers.

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Usually, picking a career comes after the selection a college course.  When a student does not select the right course, it could rightfully affect their career.  A study shows that 1 in every three students are disappointed with their chosen path in college.  This represents 500,000 unsatisfied students in the university.  Figures are pointing to an evident truth- the importance and necessity of career guidance in schools, colleges, and universities.

Finding The Right Career Path

Finding the right career, a student needs to understand the background of the course and if his or her capabilities match the interests.  A student taking up Architecture in College thinks he can be very good at math and drawing structure won’t be difficult after all.  As reality sinks in, there is more to Architecture with the student leaning towards a decision of shifting to another career after the first year.

Role Of The Career Counselor

First, a well-established career counselor will explain the scenario that tackles the pros and cons of pursuing both the student’s interest and help them understand the situation to be able to make the right decision.  It is crucial to know that students are at risk of soliciting advice from new sources.

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Students tend to seek advice from people who can be someone of experience.   They look around and follow the journey of students who came ahead of them not knowing that they too have gone through obstacles during the whole process.  To lessen these scenarios of failure, career counselors must be available all the time especially at school for students to receive the correct and latest advice.

Although CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has required schools to have counselors, there has to be a probe to be made to identify the kind of counselors needed.  Many of the counselors around are life skill counselors, whereas the college counselors are very low in number compared to them.  These college counselors are required more for them to be successful.  To be able to back this claim, recent statistics show 92% of students do not get career-related guidance from their schools.

It Will All Boil Down To Decisions

Decisions made during High School often make or break the future of a student’s career.  Career counselors are well-trained to analyze the potential of each student.  With this potential, the counselor can identify the right career for him/her and guide them in the realization of their future.

The goal of these students is to be successful in life, and they don’t mind seeking advice. The counselors have to help them.  School administrators must realize that career counseling is the first step. It is the first step en route to a successful career.

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