Is There A Right Method To Parenting?

Parenting is one of the most stressful, draining, and unbelievable jobs in the world. Not because it requires tons of task that seems quite everlasting, but because everything about it is inconsistent. That’s the reason why most parents suffer from family relationship problems. And since there are things that need attention, there is no guarantee that all lessons will fit in an instant.


When people talk about parenting, some always assume they understand parental roles. But, do they? When you try and ask some of the parents you know, they will probably answer this in general – “it’s my responsibility to raise my kids in a way I understand.” That’s quite true. Every parent is capable of raising their kids with the lessons they know, heard, understand, and experience. Probably because they know what it feels like to be at their kids’ age back before they were even parents.

But is that enough reason to conclude that parenting is something people get from the past? That the proper way of introducing moral lessons to children is through experience? Or that perhaps parenting seems to revolve around what society believes? As people begin to look at the lives of the youth, there are structures in the family that unnoticeable exists. These are pivot points where a routine takes a significant change in children’s behavior, emotional state, character, and even mental awareness.

The Struggle Most Parents Have

One of the primary reasons why most parents can’t seem to get a hold of their children is due to a consistent style of parenting for a variety of situations. These include the right implication of discipline, the teaching about honesty and loyalty, the insinuation of what society believes is right and wrong, the constant adaptation of different values, the applicable relationship to other individuals, and a lot more. Parents often don’t understand that kids nowadays are not interested anymore in reading and writing values. Children in this generation are risk takers. Therefore, parenting style requires a distinction as much as possible. Perhaps because kids now understand that the world has so much to offer. By that, listening to what adults used to believe is now useless since the youth can now explore what those things they need to learn are.


As a parent, the battle of right parenting comes with two contradicting patterns. One is the proper way of treating kids, and the other one is letting them understand what the appropriate way is. Yes, most parents know that hitting kids is an inappropriate way. That’s because society believes that it is a form of abuse. And even if it’s not, then they still assume that it will eventually become one. With that mentality, no one likes to view punishment as a valid parenting method.

On the other hand, kids understand their parents’ responsibility regarding the teaching of a lesson. But what seems to be the problem is the youth’s inability to follow specific rules. Yes, most children understand what their parents are trying to imply, but not all of them are wholeheartedly open to restrictions and adjustments. Therefore, these individuals still do what they got to do.

The Right Method Of Handling Kids

All parents know that what they are dealing with when it comes to parenting is the result of their struggles and decisions in life. Perhaps it’s what they already knew from the start. So to answer the question if there is a right method to parenting, well, there’s none. All parents and kids differ. Some factors require considerations as well. It could be the environment the family is living in, the traditions they inherited from their relatives, the teachings they learn from school, and the experience they know and apply to other people. There is entirely no need to question how each parent handle their kids because only their judgment will matter.


Societal Issue Of Parenting

Since society assumes that parenting task should stay uncomplicated and straightforward, they begin to focus on what seems to be chaotic – the parent-children relationship. With this, people view some parenting methods indifferently. Most people won’t care why because they only want to know what’s normal and what the majority of ways are available when handling kids. Though there are times these people’s judgment might be valid about some cases, everything is not always in their favor. That is because the internal factor of parenting still lies in the capability of the parents to relay values and knowledge for the sole benefit of their kids no matter what the ways are.

Parenting in this generation is about the balance of “now and before” that runs along with the future. Teaching the proper habits, implementing discipline, and showing the right values, are the ones parents hope for their kids so they can become great. All parental decisions matter to make a significant development in both parents and children’s lives.

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