Parenting Manual: Raising Your Kids To Be Responsible


When you teach a child to be loving, kind, and responsible, you are helping him learn how to be a reliable and trustworthy adult who is accountable for his actions. Find out how to do it through these simple strategies.

  • Let them start at a young age. A five or six-year-old may have trouble washing the dishes, but she can set the table or return her toys after playing. These easy tasks are basic and can train them to do more complicated tasks in the future.
  • For them to follow instructions properly, show them first how it’s done, and then let them do it themselves. Answer their questions clearly and be thorough in what you want them to accomplish. When you do the task, make sure you’re doing it the way you want them to do it. Kids are great imitators, and they are even much eager to do something when it is shown to them.
  • When they’ve tried doing simple tasks, let them teach their siblings or playmates how something should be done. It’s a good way for them to remember tasks by heart, and they love feeling like they’re little leaders.


  • Be a role model. What you want to teach your kids, practice it yourself. Don’t try to instill respect in them and then just shout at your spouse and reprimand them inappropriately. By being responsible, loving, reliable, and empathic inwardly and outwardly, it will be easier for you to instill these values unto them.
  • Don’t hesitate to apologize when you’ve done something wrong. Some kids think that their parents never make mistakes, and they feel frustrated when we scold them for things they do. Let them know that we’re human too, and we do make mistakes, and there’s no shame in making one. The shame is when you do something wrong and don’t do something about it. Accepting fault is also part of learning how to take responsibility for our actions.
  • When you reprimand, try not to yell, nag, or criticize them. This will do no good for their emotional development and rather hurt their self-esteem, especially if you do it in front of many people. Sometimes, it might be difficult to control your temper, but we might need to take a breather first before we do so. Correcting and teaching do not include judging.
  • Designate a task for your child to do within the family. This doesn’t only make him feel like he belongs but also makes him grow up with the notion that responsibilities are part of life whether you’re young or old. Watering the garden is an exercise and task at the same time. Feeding and walking your pet dog, if you have, is also something that he can do.


  • Work home chores as a family to remind your child that it’s not more on the chores but the act of responsibly following through them and having a task like everyone else in the family.
  • Along with teaching responsibility to your child is the loving reminder that she is loved so much. It is the love that is fueling you as a parent to teach your child to be good and kind and to be the best son or daughter and person and ready to take on the future with confidence.



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