How To Be A More Effective Parent


Raising a child is among the hardest and yet the most satisfying jobs in the world. It is also one that you are hesitant to do because you might feel that you’re not ready to take on the responsibility of being a parent.

Below is a list of strategies that you can follow to help you become a more effective parent.

  • Find Ways To Boost Your Kid’s Self-Esteem. Part of your responsibility as a parent is raising your child to be loving and confident. Always tell him that he’s special and that he is unique. Teach him how to take advantage of his skills by showing them and not hiding them. Support him in his hobbies like sports or any activity that is beneficial for his mental and emotional growth. And when he accomplishes something, remember to praise him for a job well done. Boosting your child’s confidence will help him be whatever he wants to be.
  • Discipline Consistently. Disciplining your child is essential in every family, and it takes many forms. However, you must choose to discipline your child consistently and respectfully. This means that you set your limitations in terms of the rules and guidelines and the necessary consequences that you enforce on him. Give him house rules that are stringent enough for you to be able to check on him, but with sufficient freedom, for him to be able to grow. If he breaks a rule, be consistent in enforcing the consequence. Maybe a first warning would be fair before the final ‘punishment.’


  • Have Kids’ Time. Spending time with the family is one thing, but having kids’ time is another. This can mean that you must spare a few hours each day to talk with each of them, asking them how they are and how’s school. On the weekends, you can watch a movie or if you’re on a budget, just have a cook session with them. It’s a creative activity that allows parents and kids to bond. If you’re a working mom or dad, let your kids understand that the time you spend with them may be short but precious and with much effort.
  • Practice What You Preach. Children learn better when they are following an adult, so whatever good you are teaching them, you must also do. If you want them to be responsible at home, start with you. Help your spouse with the chores at home. Be respectful. Talk in ways that you understand each other. When reprimanding your children, do it in a mild tone of voice. Whatever you do, remember that the younger generation is looking at you to be their role model in everything.
  • Teach Your Kids To Be Active In The Community. If you want your children to learn how to socialize, explain to them why it is important to join community activities. Don’t just let them do things because you want them to. Encourage them to volunteer in soup kitchens or watch community dialogues so that they will meet fellow community members and establish camaraderie and cultivate values like kindness, generosity, and compassion. Listen to their suggestions as well and let them know that they are appreciated.
  • Love Them, Unconditionally. Teaching, guiding, and correcting your kid are examples of ways to show that you love them. It is in how you do these things that will make all the difference. When you talk with them, do not judge or criticize them with hurtful words. If you made a mistake and you need to enforce the consequence, don’t forget to tell them that you love them unconditionally and that consequences are there to teach them what is right from wrong.


  • Take Care Of Yourself. In the middle of taking care of your children and your family, do take care of yourself. If you overdo the parenting responsibility, it can take a toll on your wellness, and it’ll affect not only you but the rest of the family as well. It is quite a fulfillment to be able to see your family happy, but please remember that it also includes you. Find time to address your needs so that you will be healthy and able to do what it takes to raise a happy, healthy, and productive family.




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