Positive Parenting: Raising A Functional Teenager

When children grow as teenagers, most profound changes happen between the parent and teen relationship. It becomes more challenging for parents to interact with their children due to the limited amount of time they could spend together. Teenagers will go through a period when they try to act independently and assertive towards their parents. Teens would want to enjoy more with the privacy of their room, will be homeless often enjoying freedom with their friends and their social life.  

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Our time for interaction with our teens has become very limited; it might as well make that time friendly, happy and gratifying for our children. Here are some ways that you can do to provide effective parental guidance and at the same time maintaining that friendship and love. 

Try To Be A Friend Beside Being A Parent To Your Teen 

Always be excited to see them. Spend time to share common hobbies and interests. Teenagers are easy to please. You can send them friendly text messages as social connections are vital to their wellbeing. 

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Just As We Do, Teens Have Their Right To Privacy 

Teens would often complain about their parents invading their privacyAllow them space. Learn the practical way you could respect their privacy, like knocking before going into their rooms, allowing them time to spend alone with their friends or looking at things at their private places. Wanting more privacy doesn’t mean that your child has a secret to hide. Privacy goes along with their development to becoming independent. Trusting teenagers is a significant factor in showing the value of respect.  

Always Make Opportunities For Communication 

Be within reach always, present and ready for your child. Parents may need to adopt an effective method of communication with their children. Be an active listener to your child to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications. Make a follow up about your past conversation. Ask her if she feels well and if she is able now to handle the situation. In that way, you can show that you were listening and that you sincerely care for her. 

Effective communication would also mean having meaningful conversations, encourage and assist your child in expressing her thoughts and opinion. That is an act of validation. Teens value their importance and validation. 

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Help Him Develop A Positive Perception Of Himself  

They will feel adequate and competent of themselves, capable of functioning well as a person, as a student in school and as an individual in our society. They tend to become more considerate of other people, gain more friends and will do better in anything they do. 

Imposing discipline to teenagers takes balance by being too in control of them and over tolerant. It’s average for a parent to make rules that should be followed. But sometimes listening to your child’s valid reasons for breaking the rules are more pertinent. Whenever our child cooperates, make a compliment on how responsible he is to handle discipline well and recognize how he is doing a good job. 

In any circumstance, all teenagers need a steadfast rule to follow for them to function well. Rules may bend but only for a valid reason. Establish limits that are fair enough for our teenagers to uphold. 

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